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  • Complimentary, My Dear.

    Thank you, that looks great! You did a really beautiful job!

    Which sentence is the compliment?

    I recently got my haircut. When she was done, I said ‘thank you, it looks great.Click to Continue »

  • Tolerations

    You know that drawer? that closet? where stuff is packed so tightly you can’t find anything? (and you run the risk of bodily harm if you try to search…Click to Continue »

  • Gravitophobia

    If it has a fancy scientific title, that must mean I’m not the only one who suffers from it: fear of getting weighed.Click to Continue »

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“I really, really believe in what she’s doing and I know it will empower you in ways you haven’t even thought about. It’s helped me beyond words …especially when I’ve felt like our situation with my daughter’s mental illness and our financial dilemma felt hopeless. It’s all good stuff … even if it’s only about finding a great parking spot.”
Sally ThompsonRealtor@Properties