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  • Who Takes Care of You?

    Be careful!

    It’s cold outside – be sure to wear your hat!

    Don’t eat that now, you’ll ruin your appetite. Dinner is in fifteen minutes.

    It’s easy when they’re little.Click to Continue »

  • Pints and Gallons

    I once read an analogy about people fitting into one of two categories – pint or gallon. It has to do with their depth. Not depth of character, but depth of thought.Click to Continue »

  • Collecting Amoebas

    She’s not in today. She’s in the bog collecting amoebas with her son for his science class.

    When I hung up the phone I decided THAT’s the kind of mom I want to be.Click to Continue »

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“I really, really believe in what she’s doing and I know it will empower you in ways you haven’t even thought about. It’s helped me beyond words …especially when I’ve felt like our situation with my daughter’s mental illness and our financial dilemma felt hopeless. It’s all good stuff … even if it’s only about finding a great parking spot.”
Sally ThompsonRealtor@Properties