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  • The Last Word

    I’m in Florida. To get here, I connected through Charlotte, N.C. I had a three hour layover. Fortunately, I was put on the standby list for an earlier flight.Click to Continue »

  • The Art of Asking

    The thing that makes me crazy is the blue tote in the middle of the floor in the basement. Would you get rid of it, please.Click to Continue »

  • Do You Always Want to Know?

    True confession here. I like to buy lottery tickets. In my defense, I don’t really have any vices – I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs. Even sugar, which used to be an addiction has fallen away.Click to Continue »

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“I really, really believe in what she’s doing and I know it will empower you in ways you haven’t even thought about. It’s helped me beyond words …especially when I’ve felt like our situation with my daughter’s mental illness and our financial dilemma felt hopeless. It’s all good stuff … even if it’s only about finding a great parking spot.”
Sally ThompsonRealtor@Properties