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Meatless Burgers

“I don’t even feel tricked. Are you going to write your blog about that?”

“About what?”

“About how you gave your son a hamburger that wasn’t really a hamburger and he didn’t even know it.”

The three of us were having dinner (LOVE! family dinners – even though my family is now only three since two have launched). Some how we got on the topic of Buffalo chicken pizza and the fact that my husband and I did not grow up eating Buffalo chicken pizza. There was no such thing (even though it is widely accepted that Buffalo wings were invented in Buffalo, NY in 1964, it’s not clear exactly when they made the leap to pizza). Jack was aghast – what do you mean, no Buffalo chicken pizza – what did you eat?

Even though he was being a little dramatic, his next question was asked in perfect timing: “So what’s going to be the next big thing?”

Turns out, he was eating it. Plant-based “meat.” My husband grilled four hamburgers: two regular beef and two plant-based. The two of them ate the beef first. I ate a plant-based burger. One burger remained. For Jack. When he initially picked it up (there was melted almond cheese on top), he did ask “what’s up with this burger?” But being almost twenty, 6’1″, an athlete and always hungry, he ate it. No other questions or comments.

When he was done, I pointed out he just ate the next big thing. A meatless burger. Not the same as a veggie burger (I have yet to eat one that is not dry and falling apart), meatless burgers have the texture of real meat.

To be fair, the first time I bought “Beyond Meat,” I had sampled it in Whole Foods. Once I got past the concept, I had to admit it tasted like meat. But after I got it home, my open mind closed and the package remained in the refrigerator until it expired and I tossed it. Unopened.

This time, inspired by a recipe I read in the paper, I bought it again. My husband said it grilled like meat. The texture was very hamburger-like. With all the extra fixings: onions, lettuce, special sauce and sourdough bun, it was easy to assume it was a regular (beef) hamburger. Jack said he’d eat it again, but requested to not know.

Beyond Meat is “the Future of Protein.” A greener way to eat. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a fan of plant protein. They are quick to point out how damaging raising animals for food is for the environment. Interestingly enough, Tyson Foods, the largest meat company in America, is also a fan. In 2016, Tyson purchased a 5% interest in Beyond Meat. There is an ever-increasing demand for protein and plant-based protein seems to be leading that charge.

Here’s the recipe that inspired me to eat my first meatless burger.

Have you ever tried tried plant-based “meat”? If not, why not? Ready to try?


  • Tracy McKeithen June 5, 2017 at 11:01 am

    I have tried the Beyond Meat Brand as well as soy based veggie burgers and other meatless products. I started during a fast again a few weeks ago and although my fast ended, I decided not to go back to meat. I happen to like veggie burgers and the Beyond Meat Brand. It looks and tastes good.


    • Mair Hill June 6, 2017 at 5:06 pm

      I bet you probably feel a lot better not eating meat. I’ve really found the “Blood Type Diet” to be accurate – at least for meat eaters. It says blood type “O” are the meat eaters and every time I come across someone who LOVES meat, I always ask their blood type and they are always type O. Interesting.


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