You. Only Better.
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Meet Mair Hill


About Mair

Mair has been interested in metaphysics for thirty years. When she began to experience
the benefits of energy work, she studied and became certified as a Reiki Master. Her work with energy led her to better appreciate and harness the power of using one’s thoughts to achieve results. She has utilized a variety of metaphysical techniques for herself and has successfully mentored hundreds of others in the art of fulfilling their dreams.

Life Passion

Mair’s primary passion is helping others. From collecting eye glasses and tutoring in high school to delivering Meals on Wheels in college, to recently helping a local private school double the size of their annual fund, she has always sought to improve the lives of those around her. Mair has found that her biggest impact has been in teaching and training others.


At the age of 25, Mair started her own sales agency in the gift industry. Mair Hill and Associates, Inc. was a multi-million dollar company that revolutionized the way orders were processed and set a new standard for professionalism. During those seventeen years, Mair personally trained hundreds of sales people – many of whom remained in the industry after Mair retired.

Mair has been at home for the last ten years – joyfully and blissfully raising her three incredible boys. She is an amazing Mom!

While at home, Mair maintained her entrepreneurial spirit by building a nutrition business. She routinely presents and consults in the area of health and wellness. Mair graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She maintains a limited private practice and her endless desire to learn enables her to constantly expand and update the resources she offers her clients through her on-line classes and workshops. Her mission is to empower You to be You. Only Better.

You. Only Better.