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Worry Early

Today my friend, Sara, needed to be in two places at once. Two places geographically spread far apart. One place was for work, and the other was for a side project. She had asked for the day off, but even at the time of her request, her boss said ‘let’s wait and see if we can spare you.’ Turns out her boss couldn’t spare her and she was expected at work.

Last week when she realized this was coming, she called and asked me for my advice. First I listed a couple of alternatives: could she postpone the project or hire someone else? While she considered those options, my best advice was to just trust that it would all work out the way it’s supposed to. We’ve talked about living in that space of trust before. She knows it works. It’s not always easy to find, but sometimes a reminder is all it takes.

Turns out, through all the group texts surrounding what was happening at work (and thus required my friend’s presence), someone (who Sara didn’t even know) chimed in and requested to be a part of the work project. She’d be in the area anyway and would like to lend her expertise. Everybody won! Sara got to do her side job today, on schedule; her boss had the work project covered; the visiting expert got what she wanted AND Sara looked good because her boss saw Sara was willing to give up her requested day off.

(Just as a nice aside, when I asked Sara how her side project went today – she said amazing! The person she worked with was able to take something boring and transform it into something magical. I just admire the way Sara appreciated her co-worker.)

How is not your job.

Sara knew that HOW she was going to honor her commitment to her side job and to her boss at the same time, when they were geographically opposed, was not her job. Her job was to stay chill and know (KNOW!) that it would all work out. Even if she had wanted to, she could not have imagined this exact scenario – she didn’t even know the visiting expert who requested to take part because she “happened” to be in the area.

Had she called me full of worry and fear about what could happen or might happen or would happen, she would have never been able to receive my advice…even if she had asked for it. It’s in the calm that the receiving happens. It’s in joy, that it happens even faster.

Kismet. Serendipity. Perfect timing. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe things work out the way they are supposed to – if you let them. What do you think? I’d love to know below!

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  • Sidney September 19, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    I loved reading this! No coincidences here…God is good! I see this happening not only in my daily life but also in my business and charity work. Wait and see…trust. You might be surprised at how beautifully it all comes together! Have a great day!


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